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We are Laura and Peppo

Laura is an animal lover with entrepreneurial blood.

Peppo is a furry guy with 4 legs, and today it is not very clear if he is a bear, a sheep or a dog.

We are the founders of Peppo and Pets and with our company we intend to improve the lives of many furry ones and the humans who care for and love them. Can you help us achieve this?


Since I was little I have always felt a special love for
animals and especially dogs.
These four-legged furry ones have accompanied me throughout my life giving me that unconditional love that only those who have had a dog know what it is.


I have always liked taking care of them and I love their company,
I have always been very happy with them.

When Fenix, my last dog left, it left a huge void in me. I thought that I would never have a dog in my life again because I didn't have to suffer his loss once again. But those of us who love animals know that we say this, but we don't keep it and after 5 years of solitude a shy and fearful black furry appeared in my life who would revolutionize and brighten my days again.


My name is Laura, I was born in a beautiful town in the east of Spain with a long tradition of shoemaking.

I have grown up with the smell of the noble furs that my father
used in his company to make high-end shoes
quality that since I was little and until my adolescence
they fit me and so many thousands of boys and girls around the world.


I studied Business Administration and Management at the University of Alicante and when I finished I joined the family business. They were difficult years, in which my father taught me, among many other things, to persevere despite obstacles. And without me knowing it, all that learning that I am so grateful to my father would help me to forge the future that I always wanted.

In life, everything has a beginning and an end and when my shoemaking stage came to an end, as I always had entrepreneurial blood, I decided to create my own online company. I started training according to new technologies. It was like going back to study a degree again, so many things to learn, all very interesting and fun.

And what would my company be if not related to dogs?

It couldn't be any other way, and coincidentally one day walking with Peppo I realized that the bags they sold to collect poop were so bad that I thought: How I wish I could have a good bag, resistant, scented and if it were ecological it would be already amazing...
In short, a hygienic bag that is friendly to the environment at the
same time. 


And that's how I started this wonderful world of entrepreneurship that I had always wanted and my company Peppo and Pets was born. I leave you a photo of me with Peppo, the culprit of all this wonderful mess.

Photo Laura and Peppo.jpg
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